tastes like a brownie

Rob Lowe knows a great protein bar.

He enjoys DNA Life Bars after a serious workout


rob lowe

DNA LifebarsProtein Bars that taste amazing and they’re good for you!

When we set out to make the best protein bars possible there were a few hurdles we wanted to overcome. It needed to be All-Natural, Gluten-Free, Soy-Free, Dairy-Free, and have no refined sugar.  So, what did that leave us with? Well, actually the best nature has to offer!

Starting with whole foods like pumpkin, sweet potatoes and coconut (you can see small pieces of the whole foods in every bar), we were able to create a truly unique product. Each bar has 14 grams of high-grade egg white protein, healthy fats from organic coconuts or roasted almond butter, and is very low in sugar. Most importantly, they taste amazing! You will not believe DNA Life protein bars are not made with sugar and yet have none of the aftertaste that some of the other natural sweeteners can leave behind. We hope you give our protein bars a try.  We think you’ll enjoy them as much as we do.

Cheers to your taste buds,
Brian – Owner, DNA Life Bars

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